Leucocoprinus cepistipes (Sowerby) Pat.

First published in J. Bot., Paris3: 336 (1889)
This species is accepted
This species is found in Europe, Asia-Tropical, Madagascar, Samoa, South America, North America and Australia.


Present in:

Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eastern Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Guadeloupe, Ireland, Italy, Madagascar, Mexico, North-Central U.S.A., Northeastern U.S.A., Northwestern U.S.A., Norway, Peninsular Malaysia, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Slovakia, Slovenia, South-Central U.S.A., Southeastern U.S.A., Southeastern U.S.A., Southwestern U.S.A., Sweden, Western Canada

Catalogue of Fungi of Colombia

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  • Catalogue of Fungi of Colombia

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