Janauaria amazonica Singer

First published in Agaric. mod. Tax., Edn 4 (Koenigstein): 495 (1986)
This species is accepted
This species is found in Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica.


Present in:

Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica

Catalogue of Fungi of Colombia

  • GBIF (2020). Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Disponible en: https://www.gbif.org/what-is-gbif Consultado el 12 de Agosto de 2020.
  • López-Quintero, C. A., Straatsma, G., Franco-Molano, A. E., & Boekhout, T. (2012). Macrofungal diversity in Colombian Amazon forests varies with regions and regimes of disturbance. Biodiversity and Conservation, 21(9), 2221–2243. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10531-012-0280-8

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  • Catalogue of Fungi of Colombia

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