Auricularia nigricans (Sw.) Birkebak, Looney & Sánchez-García

First published in N. Amer. Fung., 8 (6): 12 (2013)
This species is accepted
This species is used for food.


Solitary. Basidiomes: are rubbery, gelatinous when fresh, frequently with a convex dorsal surface, dark brown to dark lilac. Upper surface: densely pilose. Lower surface: smooth, 3.5–8 cm; substipitate, .5–2. cm long, cylindrical and solid; pilose zone with hyaline to yellow traslucent hairs. Cross section with medullary layer. Spores: hyaline, cylindric, slightly curved.

Saprotroph. - Undefined saprotroph.


Use Food Mushrooms
Part used: Basidiome. In Colombia there are no uses reported in this category. Reported as edible in a list of fungal species from the department of Valle del Cauca. Reported as edible in other countries.


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