Eichleriella shearii (Burt) Spirin & Malysheva

First published in Fungal Biology, 121 (8): 708 (2017)
This species is accepted
This species is found in Europe, Colombia and North America.


Colombian departments: Magdalena.
Saprotroph. - Undefined saprotroph.
Annual basidiocarps, orbiculate, leathery, several cm in diameter, up to 0,2 mm thick. Compact margin, At first adnate, then pelling off, concolorous or slightly paler than hymenia surfacel. Himenophore coriceous, innitially smooth or indistinctively tuberculate, then covered by acute steril thorns 0.05–0.2 mm in lenght, 6–7 mm, light gray to light ochraceus gray, vanisihing to almost white in older basidiocarps. Hyphal structure monomitic; hyphae clamped. Subiculate hyphae brownish, thin to very thick walled, in subparallel bundles, tightly packed, 3–4,5 μm in diam., CB (+). Tramal hyphae hyaline, thin to slightly thick walled, densely intermingled, (2,5–) 2,7–3,8 (–4,0) μm in diam. (n = 20/1), CB (+), thorns brow, dsitinctly thick walled, more or less vertically and compact, 2,5 a 4 μm in diameter in the tips of the thorns which usually are profusely encrusted up to 25 µm diameter; subhymenial hyphae similar to these in the trama, thin walled. Cystidia numerous, clavate to fusoid, 20–40 × 5–9 μm, someones with refractive content CB (+) (gloeocystidia). Hiphydium abundant, covering hymenial surface, richly branched, 1–2 μm in diam at the tip. Basidia ellipsoid-ovoid, two celled, (11,3–) 11,8–15,8 (–16,3) × (8,0–) 8,2–10,3 (–11,0) μm (n = 20/2), rarely with an annucleated stemstrongly reduced. Basidiospores cylindric, clearly curved, (10,3–) 11,4–15,8 (–16,1) × (5,0–) 5,1–6,7 (–6,8) μm (n = 60/2), L = 13,23, W = 5,91, Q = 2,13– 2.36.


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